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Professional Data Backup


All Hard Drive types and sizes, current and older models.

Floppy disks 3.5", 5.25", 8", and other media such as 120M SuperDisk, CDR/W, Optical and Worm, Iomega ZIP and JAZ, Syquest.

Flash Memory for Digital Cameras: Compact Flash, SmartMedia, PC/ATA Types I and II, Multimedia Cards, Sony MemoryStick.

* All Operating Systems
* Virus Infected Disks
* MS Word Documents
* Recover Deleted Data and more...


Our capabilities advance daily.

* See Terms & Conditions

Custom Image Creation

Custom Images are designed to save you money in the long run. We create a "Perfect" Operating System build for your desktop or laptop computers. This involves installing the operating system, installing all drives for the hardware in the system, and finally patching and securing it. It could take weeks if you were to perform all these processes on every one of your workstations. After we have created a custom image for your environment you will be able to do it in less than 20 minutes per computer. Financial savings from time saved can be substantial, and the end result will be an environment that is much more stable and easy to support.

Maintaining a consistent environment for your computer(s) is extremely important. This is especially vital in larger and smaller environments lacking onsite technical expertise. Maintaining consistent environments almost always leads to lower costs as well as greater productivity. We work with the leaders in the computer imaging industry

The Process:

  • Send one of your desktop or laptop computers and necessary software to DataRecoveryCorp.
  • Explain any special software installations and include license information
  • Once we receive your hardware, software, and special requirements we process the image
  • We start with the bare operating system, and add the drivers for all your hardware
  • We then patch the system with all the latest operating system and browser patches
  • We then install your software and set the respective security settings
  • We then test all facets of the image to ensure the following:
    • All hardware is installed properly and is functioning
    • All security settings are set and functioning properly

Imaging Software we support:


  • Ghost 8.2 (Part of Symantec Solution Suite 1.0)
  • Ghost Corporate 7.5
  • Ghost Corporate 7.0


  • Ghost 9.0 (Personal)
  • Ghost 2002 (Personal)
  • Ghost 2003 (Personal)


As new operating systems become available and your working environment changes we understand that your image must change also. We offer a maintenance package that includes ongoing service when you need it. By maintaining a relationship, we are better able to serve your future needs and best of all; we can offer the fastest turn around time. Any changes to your Custom Image would be covered under your maintenance agreement so you know your costs upfront and can feel confident in your ability to change along with ever-changing computer technologies.

Did you know?

  • Some of the default Microsoft Office 2000+XP installed features have associated security risks
  • Internal computer security breaches account for half of all computer security breaches
  • Even if you're not connected to the Internet you are at risk
  • Most agencies in the Federal Government set over 100 security settings on their Operating Systems alone before they are used

Other Options:

Please understand that different desktop and laptop models require different images. We are happy to create as many different images as you require, however, if you do not think that would be cost effective we have other options to choose from.

As another option, we can create a "generic" Operating System install that sets security automatically and installs proper drives, assuming they have all been provided to us. As always we are here to help. If you have any questions about the process or special requirements please let us know.

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Last Updated: 2/7/2009 11:14:28 AM

Please Note: In some instrances of hard drives with physical failure, DatarecoveryCorp, Ltd.
reserves the right to ship the drive to our data recovery lab located in Riga, Latvia.