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Professional Data Backup


All Hard Drive types and sizes, current and older models.

Floppy disks 3.5", 5.25", 8", and other media such as 120M SuperDisk, CDR/W, Optical and Worm, Iomega ZIP and JAZ, Syquest.

Flash Memory for Digital Cameras: Compact Flash, SmartMedia, PC/ATA Types I and II, Multimedia Cards, Sony MemoryStick.

* All Operating Systems
* Virus Infected Disks
* MS Word Documents
* Recover Deleted Data and more...

Our capabilities advance daily.

No Data. No Charge.

We will beat any competitor price Quote.

Secure Data Deletion

We offer a safe way for you to dispose of, give away, or donate your computer system hard drive or other media. Unawares, thousands of people every year are victim to identity theft when they give away or dispose of their computer equipment without securely deleting the files on their system. A common misconception is that you can format or "Fdisk" a computer's hard drive so that no data can be retrieved, this simply is not the case. Identity theft and other computer related crimes are on the rise - old computer hard drives are a gold mine for these crimes.

Why choose DataRecoveryCorp

  • We use Department of Defense standards for drive sanitation up to the secret level
  • After the secure data deletion, we can donate working used hard drives to a charity
  • Fast turn around
  • Feel safe in your decision by having a professional perform the service instead of attempting to do it yourself

Why is this process important?

  • MIT researchers did a study to test just that.
    • They purchased hard drives from various sources via the Internet and tried to recover data from them.
    • The results: They were able to recover over 5,000 credit card numbers and other important personal information.
  • Prevents Identity Theft and other malicious use of your data.
  • Disposal of a Hard Drive inappropriately can result in your personal information being collected by the wrong people.
  • Taking apart a drive does not destroy the data.

Business Solutions:

Computer Life Cycle Management:

As technologies change companies need to adapt quickly and efficiently to maintain smooth operations. We offer a solution to a commonly overlooked part of this process. If your company is planning to replace a large number of computers and wants to make sure the data from the old equipment is protected, we can help. We offer a program in which you send us your old hard drives and we securely delete the data, and in some cases even resell the drives to cover the costs of the secure deletion process.

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Last Updated: 1/5/2007 6:09:52 PM

Please Note: In some instrances of hard drives with physical failure, DatarecoveryCorp, Ltd.
reserves the right to ship the drive to our data recovery lab located in Riga, Latvia.