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Professional Data Backup


All Hard Drive types and sizes, current and older models.

Floppy disks 3.5", 5.25", 8", and other media such as 120M SuperDisk, CDR/W, Optical and Worm, Iomega ZIP and JAZ, Syquest.

Flash Memory for Digital Cameras: Compact Flash, SmartMedia, PC/ATA Types I and II, Multimedia Cards, Sony MemoryStick.

* All Operating Systems
* Virus Infected Disks
* MS Word Documents
* Recover Deleted Data and more...


Our capabilities advance daily.

* See Terms & Conditions

Pricing Structure:
Any media type single hard drive or any media price range from £149.00-£2000.00.

Digital Photo Recovery
We support all current digital camera media types. We can recover deleted images, and images after a format. We offer the best prices in the industry.
Data Recovery
We can recover your data even if the drive has been reformatted. We offer the best prices in the industry. Our non-invasive approach allows us to safely recover your data without damaging your media.
E-Mail Recovery
We support the leading e-mail client software including Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.
Data Duplication
Do you need the data from your old hard drive? We can help.
Secure Data Deletion
Not sure what to do with your old Hard Drive? Many times these drives have a wealth of personal information that can be disastrous in the wrong hands.
Custom Image Creation
Whether you are expanding or if it is business as usual, our custom image creation using Norton Ghost can reduce time and costs to support your systems and make them more secure.
Operating System Security Configuration
Vital to any good security plan, security configuration is one of the most overlooked vulnerabilities. We offer a complete package that is simple and easy to deploy.

Data Recovery Corporation, Ltd's data recovery team extracts data from either the primary storage device or backup media from physical and logical damage including:
  • Hard Drive crash
  • Power Failure
  • Employee Sabotage
  • Fire and water damage
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Tape cross tracking
  • Tape over write
  • Misaligned tape
  • Tape media error
  • Lost partition
  •  Flash Memory for Digital Cameras: Compact Flash, SmartMedia...etc
  • Computer virus
  • Leaf node damage
  • Master boot record damage
  • Corrupted file allocation table (FAT)
  • Floppy disks 3.5", 5.25", 8", and other media such as 120M SuperDisk, CDR/W, Optical and Worm, Iomega ZIP and JAZ, Syquest.

    Our capabilities advance daily. Contact us even if you don't see a service listed above! Our Data Recovery provides expedited and weekend emergency service if required. Recovered data is returned on media of choice including CD, DVD or another hard drive. Contact us , call our data recovery hotline at 020 7100 5986, or fill out a Request for Quote.

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    Last Updated: 8/31/2009 12:22:31 AM

    Please Note: In some instrances of hard drives with physical failure, DatarecoveryCorp, Ltd.
    reserves the right to ship the drive to our data recovery lab located in Riga, Latvia.